National Treasury Regulation 8.3.2

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

A Cabinet intervention was launched to ensure that government departments pay contractors/suppliers within 30 days. Despite this intervention many contractors who provide services to government still do not get paid on time.

RSA National Treasury
Treasury Regulation 8.2.3 provides that Unless determined otherwise in a contract or other agreement all payments due to creditors must be settled within 30 days from receipt of invoice.

The National Treasury and provincial treasuries are often inundated with complaints from service providers that despite supplying goods and services, departments are not affecting payments timeously, for the rendering of such goods and services.

The Payment Tracker App allows the supplier or service provider to view 'live' which stages their claim is at - as it happens. If there are any deviations in the payment claim (incorrect or insufficient information supplied) a notification is sent to the supplier as to why a claim has been stopped or rejected, the supplier is notified of such issues and hence can act quickly to resolve their payment claim and continue with the payment process.

The client (municipality or government organisation) receiving the claim is able to verify the payment certificate or invoice and automatically notify the supplier at the various stages the certificate is at; in which department the certificate is in; and persons responsible for the certificate.


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