Payment Tracker App

The Payment Tracker App has been designed to assist suppliers working for government departments, municipalities and other state owned enterprises (SOE'S) as well as large private organisations with submission and tracking of payment claims.

The client simply creates an account for the service provider on the Payment Tracker App and links the service provider to any projects they are working on. The service provider then logs into the Payment Tracker App and is able to submit payment claims as well as track the status and progress of submitted claims.

Among many benefits, the Payment Tracker App allows transparency, efficiency and inclusiveness in the payment process as service providers are able to view their claims and track them through the various departments and stages of the process on a live basis. This allows for easier financial planning for small businesses as they can see where there payments are at anytime and when they will likely be received base on the stage of the payment process.

The Payment Tracker App is a simple to use innovation and yet provides enormous value to both suppliers and the client in respect of the payment process.

The Payment Tracker App is currently only being utilized in South Africa but can be applied globally to any large private organisation or government enterprise.

If you would like to learn more about the Payment Tracker App you can contact us or alternatively to get a feel for how the Payment Tracker works from a service providers perspective, download the Payment Tracker App from either the Play Store or iOS iTunes App store from the links below and try the "free tour" within the Payment Tracker App.

Payment Claims can be uploaded via the Android or iOS Apps or alternatively through a browser on a laptop or desktop computer at:

The Payment Tracker App is live on both the Android Play Store here: as well as the Apple iTunes App Store here:


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